Wireless Networks Say They’re Ready for Hurricane Florence, Hail or High Water

From generators and additional cell towers to free service across the Carolinas and Georgia, the country’s biggest wireless service providers are scrambling to keep devices on throughout the days-long devastation forecasters say are coming courtesy of Hurricane Florence.

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Apple’s New iPhones Are Really Pricey And Twitter Isn’t Impressed

Apple is betting it can boost its bottom line with a new lineup of expensive iPhones. The cheapest of the new phones is the $799 the iPhone XR. The highest-end phone, the XS Max is $1,099, even more expensive than the $1,000 iPhone X. Are customers prepared to shell out that kind of cash for a phone? Or will Apple’s new high-priced gear drive its fans into the arms of Samsung and other cheaper alternatives?

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Apple Ready To Intro New iPhones

Today’s Apple event, broadcast live from the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, promises more than tweaks to old tech. According to reports, Apple is poised to release a whole slew of new hardware, from phones to watches. And when the world’s largest company introduces new products, people tend to pay attention. But can Apple reclaim the kind of buzz it’s new products once generated?

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The Promise of Blockchain for Business

Blockchain, a distributed ledger originally used to power Bitcoin crypto currency, sparked a revolution. Invented by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, Blockchain initially seemed like a genius way to put banks out of business, solving the challenge of double-spending. Ultimately Blockchain has caught the attention of tech enthusiasts, get-rich-quick schemers, contraband dealers of all stripes, autocrats and entrepreneurs looking for the next big breakthrough.

With that wide of a following, Blockchain must be doing something right.

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It’s The Joey Chestnut-est of Times In Wireless


This year, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut won the annual July 4th Nathan’s hot dog eating contest for the 11th time, wolfing down a mind blowing 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes¬†— a new world record. In 2007, when Chestnut first defeated previous champ Kobayashi, he only needed to get down 66 hot dogs to seal victory. And much like Chestnut, the most American of heroes, wireless companies too are embattled in a constant quest to feed themselves with more data, more users, more content, more everything, just to stay on top.

This week’s news, fitting for the competitive eating season, reflects the frenzied, ravenous state of wireless networks and their hamster-wheel pursuit to keep stuffing themselves overfull, just to stay in the game. Happy Independence Day America, your wireless network could always use a little something to eat. Whatcha got?

Those Fun Apps Are Spying On You

Rating: Cotton Candy 

kermit cotton candy

Scientists in Boston studied 17,000 popular Andriod apps and found that almost half of them allowed access to their users’ device camera and microphone. Oh, and by the way, that Fortnite game you can’t get enough of? It’s what they call a “magnet for malware.” Those fun games are sweet and delicious going down, but they’re actually terrible for you.


T-Mobile Gets On Board WIth RCS

Rating: Kombucha 


RCS Messaging, which was just announced will be supported by T-Mobile, makes texting look more standard and like messaging, but right now only Sprint and T-Mobile are on board, meaning it’s not compatible with other, larger, carriers. Are they first adopters or chasing a technology no one’s looking for? For now, there’s likely to be a group of hard core fans while most other people just don’t really get what all the fuss is about.


Sling Goes A La Carte

Rating: Turkey Burger 

Cable is too heavy and weighs you down, but every once in a while you want to watch something and only cable will do. Now OTT player Sling offers a la carte options, without a subscription. All the gratification without the guilt.


Government Blocks China Mobile Bid For US License

Rating: Freedom Fries 

Competition is cool and all, but now that China Mobile has made moves to get licenses to operate in the U.S. the government has some serious security concerns with the operator closely tied to the Chinese government.