Taylor Swift Tour Using Facial Recognition To Spot Stalkers

Well ya bunch of creeps, look what you made Tay Tay do. Security for her tour is so tight, Taylor Swift’s team is using facial recognition to ID one of her hundreds of known stalkers and keep them out. Good for them for getting to the stalkers early, but what about everyone else caught in the dragnet?

Security for her shows, according to Rolling Stone is run out of a central command post in Nashville, TN, operated by Oak View Group. When you’ve got hundreds of stalkers, security is apparently no joke.

Her team decided to install kiosks out in front of her concert venues that play video of Taylor rehearsing. What her fans don’t know is that while they’re watching her, a camera is scanning their facial features, trying to match them to a database of people they don’t want anywhere near the star.

And while that’s a genius use of technology if you’re trying to protect a pop star, what about the implications for everyone else?

Earlier this month, Microsoft boss Brad Smith issued a warning about the potential for facial recognition to me misused and abused and called on tech and government to come together and agree on a few guardrails.

Realizations like this that facial recognition is already being used without our knowledge brings that argument into real-world sharp focus. What data is being collected about the public? Where is it being stored? Is it secure? Is it being shared with anyone else for any other purpose?

These are all legitimate questions the public should be able to ask, but maybe that time has already passed?

No shade to Taylor. Her reps offered no comment on the Rolling Stone revelation and might not have even known what her security team is up to. And besides, the world’s pop princess deserves to do her thing in safety. But so do the rest of us.




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