NASA Nerd Builds Glitter Fart Bomb For Revenge on Porch Package Thieves

Fart spray, clouds of glitter and a whole lot of engineering know-how went into this former NASA engineer’s design for a dummy package to punish jerks who steal packages of his porch. And once you taste his sweet, sweet revenge, you’ll want one of your very own.

Pissed about someone lifting packages off his front porch, former NASA engineer Mark Rober designed the ultimate revenge machine — a glitter bombing, fart smell spraying, GPS-tacked dummy iHome package equipped with phones recording the entire affair.

Lucky for the rest of us, he shared the video on YouTube so we could all revel in the payback.

In the video he catches several people ripping off and opening his package and the footage is legendary. Take a look and bow down to a nerd on a mission.


That’s what you get ya filthy animals.


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