Can’t Sleep? These Wireless Earbuds Make Beautiful Noise & Just Might Help

Partners that saw logs, traffic noise or just plain too much quiet can keep you from falling asleep. Now Bose has released a pair of earbuds users say are incredible.

Bose’s new wirless earbuds fit snugly in your ears and play sounds for sleeping like rolling waves, a crackling fire or rushing leaves. No need to blast the noise throughout your room either. The companion app lets you control the volume and gives you access to a library of soothing sounds.

The earbuds come in three sizes — S, M and L — to find a perfect fit and, according to the reviews the gadget does the trick. But they aren’t cheap. A pair will set you back about $270.

The negative reviews on the earbuds mostly complained that the volume couldn’t be turned up loud enough to drown out the serious snores.

ear buds

One customer who bought the earphones wrote, “With the sleep buds, it’s really unexpected how your ears and brain “tune in” to the noise coming out of the sleepbuds and then completely “tune out” to the noise coming from your environment. It’s a little magical.”

There’s nothing more magical than a good night’s sleep.


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