T-Mobile Launches 5G Network… Where?

Out of nowhere, T-Mobile has announced its got a commercial 5G network online right now. And it’s in the most unlikely of places.

As of December 7th, T-Mobile is operating a 5G commerical network in Warsaw, Poland. The city is happy to have the amped up Wi-Fi speeds and will use it to power next-gen healthcare, agriculture and smart city technologies.

While coverage area remains small, T-Mobile Polska vows regular expansion in the months and years to come.

“It’s noteworthy that the installation we have launched today is not just an isolated test of our technology, but an actual fully-fledged network of the fifth generation, which we will gradually expand and spread to other cities, to ultimately cover the entire country,” Andreas Maierhofer, the CEO of T-Mobile Polska said. “We do not wait for the future; we create it today for Poland by building and launching the first 5G network in our country!


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