Researchers Say Carriers Are Slowing Video Streaming on Their Networks

Netflix and… loading. A group of researchers says they can prove carriers are singling out video and slowing it to make way for other network traffic. Carriers say the research is flawed. Is it a sign of things to come.

Wehe resently reported its findings that both streaming video and Skype feeds were being throttled to varying Nearly a full year after the FCC decided to roll back Net Neutrality laws, it’s hard not to wonder if slowing video traffic by ISPs is a harbinger of fees to come.

David Choffnes, an assisted professor of information science and Northeastern University and author of one of these studies says he understands the need for networks to manage traffic, but adds he doesn’t see a need to single out video specifically. There aren’t major bandwidth issues in Europe, which has strict Net Neutrality laws.

“So we certainly have at least some evidence that networks can run just fine under loads from video traffic without needing to do throttling,.” he told Marketplace.

In short, Wehe’s research conclusion paints an ominous future for internet openness in the post-Net Neutrality era.

“our findings indicate that the openness and fairness properties that led to the Internet’s success are at risk in the US,” the report reads. “We strongly encourage policymakers to use such analysis to help make more informed decisions about regulations that are based on empirical data.”




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