Blockchain for Real Estate Powers New App For Buying Property With a Click

Distributed ledger has a new home. Rather. it will likely help you buy or sell one in the future.

A new app called ShelterZoom puts the offer and acceptance process of buying real estate on the blockchain, making the process transparent, real time and efficient.

One agent and ShelterZoom early adopter told ComputerWorld he was sold on the app as soon as he gave it a try and was able to quickly sell a home to an international buyer who spoke a foreign language.

Once the contract is agreed upon with the help of ShelterZoom, the financial transaction is handled off the app.

“ShelterZoom is well on the way to achieving its original objective of bringing the entire real estate industry onto blockchain,” Allen Alishahi, ShelterZoom’s co-founder and president of the company said. “We truly want this new way of doing business to benefit every real estate professional and consumer. ShelterZoom is providing a much needed and cost-effective consumption model to the industry.”



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