Look for the Trustable Technology Mark Before Your Next Smart Device Purchase

Between Facebook’s epic data betrayal and the realization companies value our data above all else, consumers are understandably a little skittish about plugging in the latest ‘smart’ device. To bring a bit more trust back into the relationship, Trustable Technology is offering something consumers can actually use.

It’s called The Trustable Technology mark and its something like a “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval,” but for IoT data privacy. The Mozilla Foundation is the money behind the initiative, and ThingsCon, a global community of Internet of Things professionals is doing the nuts-and-bolts device evaluations.

In order to receive the mark, a device is tested for “5 Dimensions of Trust.”

Security, transparency, privacy and data practices, stability and openness are all evaluated and must meet specific requirements in order to earn the Trustable Technology Mark. The process is free.

“For those companies who already have done the hard work, documenting their work is easy and quick,” according to Trustable Tech.



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