3 Things Keeping Cashiers in Jobs and AmazonGo Out of Your Hood

It’s been almost a year since Amazon opened its first cashier-free store. So why aren’t more retail operations adopting the technology? Besides, big companies love to put people out of jobs to save money. So what gives?

Apparently there are three specific hurdles AmazonGo cashierless systems need to work out in order go mainstream. The idea, according to Motley Fool, is to perfect the AmazonGo technology and sell it other retailers for their stores. But first they’ve got to tackle a few key issues.

The first is that the current system can’t handle large-sized stores with high ceilings. If Amazon hopes to launch across America’s retailers, it’s got to be able to work in cavernous big-box environments like Wal-Mart and track large volumes of customers at a time.

Second, the way in which stores sell some items will need to change. Rather than selling things by weight, for instance, everything would need to be pre-measured and packaged, changing the fundamental way some stores do business.

The third, and most complicated challenge, is changing customer behavior. Downloaindg and app and being tracked might not appeal of every customer, meaning stores need to provide an alternative or risk losing customers.

All of these are no doubt being addressed by AmazonGo right now. While the timeline might be unclear, there’s no denying cashier-less stores are the future. It’s up to the rest of us to get on board.


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