Amazon Has a Security Problem So Now We’re All Deputies

Amazon’s entire business model centers around packages being delivered to doorsteps. And a quick scroll through any neighborhood Facebook group will tell you how often these packages are getting lifted. The solution? We’re all Amazon employees now.

That’s not exactly how its framed, but recent news reports of neighborhoods like Mountain Rock, Ala., which is encouraging residents to get video recording devices to monitor the packages.

“I think it’s a complete game changer…if you have a picture of a suspect on the front porch taking a package it so much easier than to go and get an identification as never having anything,” Mountain Brook Police Chief Ted Cook said according to the local ABC affiliate.

As a bonus, the easiest way to buy a security video system — bam! Amazon.

Retail stores since they were invented have been responsible for providing security for its customers. Now, because the point of delivery is your front door, the stakes have changed and the burden is on you.

The result are blocks of surveillance throughout our communities, and while it must help catch the occasional criminal, what are we giving away in the bargain?


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