Apple’s Now Offering Ladies a Fantasy Tech Camp Instead of Just Hiring Them

Apple has announced a new opportunity that puts women in the most hallowed rooms in tech, but just for pretend. Their big new idea is a lady tech camp. No, really. It’s like a fantasy camp but here women compete for spots, bring their best ideas and get a taste of what their careers would look like if they had a penis.

Apple announced as the most powerful, profitable company in the world, it has decided host two-week training camps for groups of female programmers and entrepreneurs to travel to Cupertino, CA on the company’s dime and get exposure to the tech field at he highest levels.

Or… hear me out… they could just hire women and give them the full experience.

Currently, only 23 percent of Apple’s workforce is female, according to the Mercury News. 

Instead of token programs Apple could actually lead on this front and hire an entire class of women programmers. It’s the most desirable place in the world to work so the idea that somehow the lack of women is a recruiting problem is laughable.

But instead they make a production out of giving ladies a taste of the big leagues.

There’s no evidence programs like these do anything meaningful for women in tech. Google did something similar and in 2017 only 25 percent of Google’s new hires were women.

Compare that with the statistic from Cornell that 55 percent of incoming engineering students are women. The problem isn’t that girls don’t see technology as an attractive career, it’s that they can’t get in. Companies like Google and Apple take great pains to attract the right employees, imagine if they started to genuinely prioritize hiring women rather than just paying the issue lip service and hosting tech camps.

While outreach is a tiny a step in the right direction it’s clear more needs to be done to include women in tech from the time they’re in grammar school. Programs like Girls Who Code are trying to reach girls earlier, and seeing good results. Maybe Apple could just send them a check?

Or they could take a look in the mirror. A recent Pew survey found 44 percent of women reported gender discrimination was a major issue in the tech sector.

Until these companies can crack the bro culture code these steps are welcome, but it’s becoming increasingly evident the problem is coming from inside the boardroom. Put simply, it’s not the ladies, it’s you, my dudes.


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