U.S. Government Warns Other Countries Against Using Huawei To Build Out 5G

Huawei has long been a company in the cross hairs of U.S. government regulators and intelligence agencies because of the telco hardware giant’s close relationship with the Chinese government. Now, Huawei detractors in the American government are warning other countries to steer clear of Huawei gear in the race to build out 5G.

According to reports, the focus for American intelligence agencies are countries with access and knowledge of U.S. military operation. They have long warned Huawei gear was vulnerable to spying and hacks on behalf of the Chinese government. Now that countries across the globe are hot to get 5G up and running, Huawei is a cheap alternative to other hardware providers.

However American overtures are being met with a shrug as countries like Italy say they’re aware of American concerns but willing to take the risk and continue working with Huawei.

For his part President Donald Trump continues his tough talk against Beijing. pledging to repair the ““long-time abuse of the broken international system and unfair practices” by China.





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