Is Amazon Using A Massage Spa As a Front to Test Groundbreaking CBRS Wireless Tech?

The FCC received an application to test hundreds of prototype wireless devices using Citizens Broadband Radio Service between three of the most unlikely places: a massage spa in Silicon Valley, a community college and a plastics manufacturer. But a closer look shows those buildings are all coincidentally located near secretive Amazon facilities.

According to IEEE’s Mark Harris, the application was filed by Chrome Enterprises LLC on November 19. Two of the buildings listed actually belong to Amazon’s super secret Lab 126 research and one of the company’s huge fulfillment facilities, suggesting the CBRS device testing is instead part of a secret Amazon initiative.

CBRS is a slice of spectrum that was once used specifically for the military and could be re purposed for IOT and communications across large enterprises.


In its FCC testing permit application, Chrome says it plans to “evaluate CBRS equipment and associated software… to test the transmission of wireless signal[s] between temporary fixed location[s] to mobile devices and vice versa inside the building[s].”

IEEE has maps and other evidence of the undercover move by Amazon to test CBRS, take a look and see for yourself.



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