Avoiding Alexa Just Got Way Harder

Look out Siri, Amazon has announced its releasing The Alexa Mobile Accessory kit for manufacturers, which will allow any Bluetooth-enabled device to put the AI interface to work.

In addition to the kit, Alexa for Business was launched last month and Qualcomm has come out with a Smart Headset for device makers that lets them test Alexa throughout the design process.

All that means one thing: you’re about to see a lot more devices, namely headphones, powered by Alexa.

“For customers, AMA simplifies and expands the Alexa experience on portable BT devices,” Amazon’s Alfred Woo wrote on Amazon’s Alexa blog. “To get started with Alexa on a compatible device, all they need to do is pair the device, install the Amazon Alexa App for Android or iOS, and perform a quick one-time setup. This ensures a consistent experience across AMA-enabled BT accessories.”




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