FCC Spectrum Auction Kills High School Wireless Mics

Recent FCC spectrum auctions are good for wireless carriers, but as it turns out, not so good for the upcoming high school drama production. The latest round of spectrum, bought by T-Mobile was being used for their wireless mic system, leaving them with dead air and a big bill.

A Rochester, NY station found that several local high schools are having the same trouble. They’ve invested thousands in wireless mic systems, which might, or might not work once the FCC auctions off the spectrum they’re using.

In particular the local School of the Arts could be forced to replace their 14 wireless mics, at a cost of $800 to $1,500 a piece.

That might sound like a lot, and it is, but consider the FCC sold the spectrum those mics were using to T-Mobile for $19.6 billion to power next-gen 5G services.

Is this thing on?


Featured image: Sweetwater Sound 


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