This One, Simple Thing Can End The Telecom Event #Manel Once & For All

A quick glace through any tech event agenda makes it clear — the era of the #manel, or the all-male panel — is still alive and well. Now there’s science. And here’s one, simple thing we can do about it.

According to a new report, data gathered by facial recognition software shows 78 percent of tech event speakers and 82 percent of speakers at venture capital events are dudes.

The Gender Diversity & Inclusion in Events Report from Bizzabo, a software company for event planning, compiled its findings by analyzing the gender of more than 60,000 speakers at events around the country, according to Venturebeat, which goes into detail about the shocking findings.

The market segment with the least representation of women on speaker panels? Telecom. Only 16 percent of speakers at telecom events are female.

So here’s what we’re going to do. If you’re asked to speak on a panel, ask whether there’s a woman or person of color also participating. If the answer is no, recommend one of several underrated professionals you know to join.

No diversity. No speaky. It’s really that simple. Here’s one fine example.


Featured image: Oxford Words Blog entry for “manel” 




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