Reese’s Vending Machine Gives Wireless CEO A Big Idea

It’s the day after and about the time millions of Americans are digging through piles of Dots and Sweet Tarts for the last of the good stuff. This Halloween, one brand above all others captured the promotional spirit of the moment. Reese’s introduced a vending machine in NYC that turns less-desirable candy into Reese’s Peanut Butter cups — and the idea gave at least one wireless CEO a big idea.

Of course it’s settled science Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are the best candy, so no need to debate that point here. But the idea that your favorite brand will make it worth your while to upgrade to their goodness isn’t a new idea, it’s something telecommunications has been doing for years.

Anyone who went to college in the 1990s remembers MCI, Sprint and AT&T sending $25 checks to switch over your long-distance service, something starving students could count on when bank accounts dried up.

Today’s wireless carriers and content services will bend over backwards and shower customers with the latest gear and dirt-cheap pricing to get you onto their network.

The idea that a vending machine could do the same for potential customers, anywhere, on demand, seems almost like a natural evolution. And T-Mobile’s John Legere took notice.

“Genius!!” Legere tweeted. “Now, if only we could do this for wireless providers….”

Are magenta T-Mobile vending machines really that far off in the future?


Featured image: Reese’s/Twitter


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