Telco Hardware is Back, Baby!

They’ve weathered software-defined networks and the cloud, now it’s game on for telecom hardware suppliers — and it’s all thanks to 5G.

Ericsson and Nokia are roaring back. In fact, Ericsson just released its Q3 numbers, and the company is once again profitable — the first time since 2016.

Nokia is also poised to grab some of that sweet 5G equipment market share. Back in February forecasters saw Nokia back on the road to profitability in the next couple of years.

Outfitting cell towers with 5G small cells is the key to rolling out broadband Wi-Fi, meaning carriers are investing in massive amounts of 5G small cells.

5G is becoming a commercial reality,” Ericsson Chief Executive Borje Ekholm said.

Just last month, Ericsson inked a $35 billion contract with T-Mobile and announced it made a 5G data call, along with Telstra, across a commercial mobile network.

Featured image: Ericsson 


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