Donald Daters App For Trump Crowd Hacked Just Hours After It’s Launched

For the MAGA crowd, looking for love can be a dicey proposition. So many Trump-supporting red hats have turned to dating sites exclusively populated by POTUS stans. One app, named “Donald Daters” was hacked just hours after it went live, blowing the cover, and exposing the privacy of its users. Sad!

The site’s tagline, “Make America Date Again” doesn’t get points for originality and its developers apparently put about as much thought into the app’s security. Hacker Elliot Anderson said within minutes he was able to access the app’s private messages, see all the data on users and could have deleted any information he chose.

How about make America’s data safe again? How’s that for an ice breaker?

Donald Daters says it’s offering a dating service without, “…liberal intolerance.” For now the app’s chat function has been put on hold.


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