Alibaba’s Jack Ma Plans To Open Tech Business Training Center in Indonesia

China’s Jack Ma, chief behind Alibaba Holding Group, has announced plans to open the Jack Ma Institute of Entrepreneurs, a training center for tech entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Ma announced last month he would step down as Chairman of Alibaba, the more than $400 billion company he built, to teach. Now we know more about those plans.

The goal, Reuters reports Ma told reporters on the sidelines of the International Monetary Fund and Wold Bank meetings, is to train 1,000 tech business leaders every year for the next ten years. Ma already has a relationship with the Indonesian government as an e-commerce adviser.


Reuters adds Indonesia has a need for more trained engineers.

“Only when people improve, when people’s minds change, when people’s skills improve, then we can enter the digital period,” Ma said.

Who wouldn’t want to learn business and technology from a giant like Ma?


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