You’ll Pry This Phone From My Cold, Dead Hands

Meetings are terrible and we don’t pick the people we work with (for the most part) which is why our phones have become more important than ever for our office mental health. Which is why the entire premise that technology makes us jerks at work feels all kinds of wrong.

Erica Keswin, a researcher and author of the book, “Bring Your Human To Work” recently gave an interview about how technology is leaving us disconnected from our co-workers. But isn’t that the whole point?

“Left to our devices—and that pun is intentional—they can make us jerks and suck us in and keep us from connecting,” Keswin said.

Right, which is why telecommuting is so attractive. Technology means we all don’t have to sit in the same room in order to functionally work together.

Keswin suggests companies should set “rules of the road” for technology, like keeping then out of meetings, so we are “forced to be present.”

It’s a nice thought, but no thanks. Just send me a Slack message.




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