Wireless Emergency Alert Parties Need to Be A Thing, Here’s Why

Next Wednesday every phone in America will an alert from Donald Trump. You can’t opt out. So instead, lets gather together with friends, neighbors and loved ones and collectively lean into the horror that has become of America in 2018. Wireless Emergency Alert Parties need to be a thing. Here’s why.

On October 3 at 2:18 p.m. Eastern, every phone in the United States will receive a “Presidential Alert” to test FEMA’s new Wireless Emergency Alert system, which in the event of a national emergency will push a message from the president. Instead of sitting alone in dread at the prospect that our government has become a violent, vulgar reality show with real consequences we cannot escape, we need to come together to laugh and love each other in a collective middle finger to the moment and those who put us here.

From Judge Kavanaugh’s entitled scream-cry tantrum in Congress to Trump’s constant torrent of lie diarrhea spewing all over the globe, it’s impossible to escape the most horrific aspects of our government and now, thanks to FEMA it’s sliding into our DMs.

We need each other. We need to remind each other that the hate-play unraveling in our nation’s capitol has no resemblance to how actual Americans think, feel or treat each other. Love matters. Character matters. Truth matters. Americans love our neighbors and look out for each other. Americans come together in times of crisis and pick each other up. So lets do that.

It’s not a national disaster in the traditional sense. It’s not a nuclear bomb or the complete shutdown of our electrical grid. The existential threat our country faces right now is our complete loss of humanity — our loss of connection to the things that bring us together.

I didn’t think of the idea. A Brooklyn magazine decided to throw their own Wireless Emergency Alert Party and it’s a genius idea.

“While we can’t stop this from happening, we can certainly add ourselves to the history,” the invitation reads. “And what could be more historic than having a crowd of people together adding to the cacophony when all of our phones start sounding alerts at the same time?”

But this is not a test. America is in an actual crisis — not one Mother Nature is responsible for, it’s one we’ve let slowly creep over the country, one hate Tweet at a time. Let’s treat this “Presidential Alert” like the real thing and come together to start saving America’s soul. One gesture, one kind word, one handshake, at a time.




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