Researchers Develop Tool To Count People Through Walls With Wi-Fi

Researchers have developed a new tool for Wi-Fi — counting how many people are in a room.

Without making people carry a device, or even having eyes on the room, Saandeep Depalta and Yasamin Mostofi, two researchers from UCSB, have figured out how to use Wi-Fi placed outside a room’s walls to accurately count the number of people.

The breakthrough is about more than taking attendance, it proves Wi-Fi signals can be used for more than just communication. According to the corresponding published findings this is the, “First demonstration of crowd counting through walls with WiFi RSSi measurements, without relying on people to carry a device.”

The trick? Human bodies absorb Wi-Fi signals, allowing researchers to “see” people based on the strength of the signal.

Here’a s video explaining how it works in more detail.



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