Tired: Metro PCS — Wired: Metro by T-Mobile


MetroPCS is getting a whole new look and name. The prepaid service will now be called Metro by T-Mobile and include new, bundled services.

The launch of Metro by T-Mobile will include new plans, including unlimited pre-paid plans and a tier of service that includes Amazon Prime.

“The number of Metro customers has doubled in the past five years for a reason… it is hands-down the best value and best experience in the prepaid category,” T-Mobile boss Legere said about the launch. “But that’s not enough for us! It drives me crazy that literally millions of hard-working people are struggling to get by yet feel stuck with AT&T and Verizon because they think prepaid wireless is subpar. That’s outdated thinking! Metro by T-Mobile customers aren’t making a compromise, they’re REFUSING to make a compromise.”

Here’s more on the announcement from Legere.



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