Kasita Brings Smart Tech to the Tiny Home Game

Tiny living that’s smart as a whip — that’s the vision of Kasita founder Jeff Wilson.

Wilson lived in a 33-square-foot dumpster for a year to test the limits of tiny living and got to work designing a home that’s beautiful, high-tech and livable, even at a petite 352 square feet.

Right now, Kasita is in its initial launch phase, with just 50 being sold across California, Texas and Nevada. These pre-fabricated tiny homes make ideal guest houses, offices or rural getaways.

The starting price is $150,000, and goes up from there, based on model, timeline and where it needs to be set up. The tiny house’s amenities include a walk-in shower, refrigerator, convection oven, washer/dryer and cooktop. The queen-sized bed tucks out of sight when not in use to maximize space.

Take a look and see for yourself how high-tech tiny living can be.



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