FCC Gives Wireless Carriers An Extra $2 Billion Because Execs Need More Jets

The FCC is set to cap the amount local governments and municipalities can charge wireless carriers to support the deployment of the small cells needed to support 5G. You get a jet! You get a jet!

Poles, traffic lights and other government-maintained property will be used to support small cells and the proposal, set for a September 26 vote, both limits the amount local municipalities can charge carriers for space and maintenance, while also requiring those local governments to approve all applications from carriers within 90 days, according to Ars Technica.

The overall savings to wireless carriers — expected to be about $2 billion comes after the FCC lifted Net Neutrality rules, allowing carriers to throttle speeds on content and therefore charge more to deliver certain kinds data on the internet. Lets also not forget the enormous pile of cash dumped on these same carriers thanks to the Trump tax cuts.

But carriers still want more. AT&T has asked the FCC to make these rules apply to existing agreements with municipalites as well, threatening they could hamper 5G roll out.

Cities, particularly rural areas are crying foul, but it’s unlikely to make any difference to the FCC, currently led by former Verizon attorney Ajit Pai.

Enjoy those jets.



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