Amazon Echo For The Car Actually Makes a Ton of Sense

Alexa, what’s the traffic report? Alexa, where am I? Alexa, can you play a calming song so I don’t have an aneurysm sitting in traffic? It’s easy to think of all sorts of uses for an Alexa-enabled device and now Amazon has delivered. Echo Auto is here from Amazon and ready to make even the dumbest car way smarter.

So what took so long? Apparently getting the mics calibrated to block out background noise in the car was tricky. But they’ve got it now and at $49.99 the gadget sounds like a great investment. For those part of an early-invite offer, it’s only $24.99.

New cars are already outfitted with the appropriate voice control capability, but the Echo Auto will make Alexa work on any car, no matter how old.



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