Wireless Carriers Slowing Down Video To Get You To Pay More & There Are Receipts

We knew it was coming. Now we have the receipts.

Last week, researchers found wireless carriers were definitely throttling video content on their networks from the likes of Netflix and YouTube. Now, the evidence seems to show it’s happening everywhere and for one simple reason: those carriers want to charge you for better streaming quality.

Researcher Dave Choffnes from Northwestern developed an app named Wehe, which conducted millions of tests on network data to gather the results. His findings show the networks aren’t slowing video streaming due to network overload at all, which was chief complaint regarding previous Net Neutrality rules.

“Nearly every U.S. cell provider is doing throttling,” Choffnes said. “There’s no evidence that any of these policies are only happening during network overload. They’re throttling video traffic even when the network doesn’t need to. It happens 24/7, and in every region where we have tests.”

So there you have it. Thanks FCC.

The Wehe app is available in the Google Play and Apple App Store for download.


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