Apple’s New iPhones Are Really Pricey And Twitter Isn’t Impressed

Apple is betting it can boost its bottom line with a new lineup of expensive iPhones. The cheapest of the new phones is the $799 the iPhone XR. The highest-end phone, the XS Max is $1,099, even more expensive than the $1,000 iPhone X. Are customers prepared to shell out that kind of cash for a phone? Or will Apple’s new high-priced gear drive its fans into the arms of Samsung and other cheaper alternatives?

If you’re the sort, like me, who relies on Twitter hot takes to to take the popular temperature on any given matter, Apple might indeed have a problem.

For instance, you might be surprised at everything those iPhone prices don’t include.

‘Affordable’ means different things to different people. But if you factor in the Kidney Jokes…

But there are still plenty of folks who just can’t quit Apple.

But what about the headphone jack?

Why should we buy this phone again?

Maybe it doesn’t really need to be better.

Is Apple worried about pricing people out of the brand?

Would Apple consider taking a kidney for reals?

Maybe Siri can help.

It’s not just Nigerians, friend.

But for the lucky, devoted few who shell out the cash for the iPhone, you can walk around like this and make everyone else feel bad. So there’s that.


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