5G Presents ‘Make Or Break Moment for America’ According To Intel Chief

A new op-ed in The Hill from Intel VP Asha Keddy calls on the FCC to lead a renewed American effort to catch up with other national in the development and deployment of 5G. The penalty for failure to act could mean irreparable harm to the U.S. economy, she argues.

Keddy applauds recent FCC actions to reallocated “mid band” spectrum, but said more is needed — and quickly. The stakes are millions of new jobs related to 5G and lagging behind other nations like South Korea, Japan and the European Union could mean forfeiting the U.S.’s role as a leader in the primary driver of technologies which will power smart cities, next-generation services and the global economies of the future.

“Our nation has a once-in-a-generation opportunity,” Keddy writes. “But American companies that are manufacturing 4G equipment and technologies require an attractive regulatory environment as an incentive to make the significant, sometimes risky, investments needed to upgrade our underlying communications infrastructure. ”

Read more of her article calling on the FCC to get serious about 5G from The Hill.



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