Advantage, Video: Streaming Struggles To Find Its Champ

Just a few years ago, the idea that video could be reliably delivered online was a distant fantasy, but today we find ourselves in the midst of a complete upending of the way people watch, and pay for, their TV.

The far out idea of “cord cutting,” once understood as an option only for starving twenty-somethings, is now becoming a viable option for full fledged grown ups. And those hipster kids have made the idea mainstream, as evidenced by the widespread cultural acknowledgement that “Netflix and Chill” is an actual thing.

Now we have old-school brick and mortar brands like Walmart and even TiVo are looking to get in on the action, leaving legacy broadcast and cable in a position to have to reinvent their business, largely leaving their once-valuable infrastructures to find other uses.

And there there’s Amazon, hoovering up market share in almost every conceivable space, threatening to lay entire markets to waste.

We need a champ. Customers, telecom providers, the advertisers that fund the business models, we need a North Star. We need a Serena Williams of streaming video. A service so dominant, so resilient as to be an undeniable force and bring the rest of the sector along for the ride.

Is this just a cheap ploy to insert Queen Serena, the greatest living athlete, into this discussion? Why yes it is.  But that doesn’t mean the comparison isn’t true.

Everyone has bad days

This week Netflix posted weaker than expected subscriber growth for the second quarter, sparking a dramatic drop in stock prices. Analysts say it’s likely just a one-quarter slump based on ambitious projections, rather than a sign of things to come.

Plot The Pivot

This week Walmart announced it’s considering launching a streaming video service to compete head-to-head with Netflix and Amazon Prime. This should give some C-Level execs at both companies heartburn. Walmart has a reputation of winning.

Style AND Substance

When it comes to tech, it’s important that it work, sure, but it’s got to look good too. Gorilla Glass has developed a new display technology that adds textures to its glass and the effect is really cool.

Call It A Comeback?

Much like Serena made her heroic Wimbledon return this week, TiVo is plotting a comeback to the video space with a new platform for streaming.

The world needs a champ. And when it comes to video streaming, we’re all still waiting for the victor to emerge. Until then, we’ve got Serena.



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