Um Yeah, Wireless Companies Are Gonna Need More Of Your Money

Fueled by climbing fees, rapidly consolidating wireless service providers are flirting with squeezing their customers past the point of no return. While bills skyrocket, customers aren’t really seeing their quality of services keep apace and it’s getting insulting.

You can almost hear the boss character Lumberg from the ’90s slacker classic “Office Space” in your head. He’s the droning creep with the suspenders, coffee cup and no regard. “Yeah, I’m gonna need you to just pay $10 more every month.”

This week is a case in point. AT&T is making moves and hiking prices while new services being introduced across the industry are lackluster and to a subscriber base that really just wants one simple thing: more bars for less. Making it complicated is just noise and only benefits the wireless companies — and their customers are catching on.

Remember what happens to that janky copier in the movie.

Here are just a few of this week’s headlines.

Samsung Bug Sends Those Nudie Pics To Your Whole Contact List

Samsung users should spend some time over the weekend reviewing their photo gallery for questionable material. Apparently a guy’s Samsung S9 sent his girlfriend his gallery while he was sleeping. Another girl said the same thing happened on her Galaxy Note 8. Samsung is looking into the matter.

AT&T Hikes DirectTV Prices

For those who thought they would save money as a result of the merger of AT&T and DirectTV; bad news. Last weekend, AT&T informed its OTT streaming DirectTV Now customers. That’s on top of the recent addition of an “administrative fee.”

Google Invents… Morse Code?

It’s not a completely hipster adoption of an antiquated technology. Apparently Morse Code-enabled keyboards can help make communication more accessible for those with limited mobility. And that’s great. But it begs the question: No one can come up with anything better than Morse Code in all those Silicon Valley offices? Also, it’s probably going to become a hipster thing and that just makes us very tired.

Oh So You Want The Unlimited Unlimited Package

Sprint is selling “Unlimited” plans that aren’t exactly unlimited. The names of the plans themselves are a tip off: Unlimited Plus, Unlimited Basic and Unlimited Freedom. We don’t think those words mean what Sprint thinks they mean.


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