It’s A Wireless World: Week In Review

Looking back at the week’s wireless news, it’s hard to miss the undeniable; your wireless telecom company has slowly, deliberately and successfully become your most basic utility company, with control over just about every aspect of our lives, from communication to home security and even parenting.

Here are just a few of the headlines from the week you might have missed.


netflix meme

A new study reveals 85 percent of Millennials in the U.S. subscribe to an OTT video service. Bad news for bulky cable and satellite companies. And with new Net Neutrality rules, telecom now has a green light to ratchet up prices now that the services are popular.

AT&T buys third-party advertiser

att privacy meme

Under fire for sloppy privacy practices AT&T swore they wouldn’t sell customer data to third party advertisers. How could they just turn their backs on all that revenue? No need, AT&T just bought AppNexus, so now they are the third party advertiser. We see you AT&T.

Alexa thinks maybe you need a friend

alexa human meme

A new survey in the U.K. asked people what they talk to Alexa about. And while people self reported most often giving Alexa pretty basic tasks, playing music and audio books — it’s what people said they wished their Alexa could understand that reveals something much more… complicated going on. For instance people said they wished Alexa could help them tell jokes and a full 10 percent want dating advice from Alexa. Dating advice. From Alexa. Let that sink in for a moment. We need more friends, friends.

Wireless parenting

parenting entertained meme

It’s summer and that means kids spending hours a day on their devices doing… who knows what. Just in time T-Mobile has launched a service to help parents avoid the pesky, and often ugly, conflict of forcing the device from their oddly strong, sticky little hands. It’s $10 a month and honestly, at the end of week five of summer vacation, it sounds like a bargain.


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