Comcast Powers a Smarter Mousetrap Because Humans Need to Up Their Game

Got rats? There’s an app for that. Victor pest traps and Comcast have teamed up to connect the old-school mouse trap and build a smarter version that cuts down on maintenance, monitoring and tracks data.

The traps are the size of your average shoe box and when a pest enters they get zapped with electricity. The connected traps then send an alert to a technician that the trap needs to be changed, cutting down on daily checks for kills.

The iconic Victor mousetrap company builds the traps and Comcast provides the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity through its machineQ network.

“The real value is having the traps connected. Two mice can turn into 20 mice in a couple of months. Businesses are looking for an early warning system without going into ceilings and facilities and checking traps, said Tom Daly, senior director of strategic technology at Woodstream Corporation, which makes Victor mousetraps said. “With LPWAN technology you can take action immediately.”

The real benefit of throwing the latest technology at pest control for many businesses? Avoiding a devastating viral video of a mouse running across a food counter or storage facility.

“The more soft value is in brand protection and getting an extra level of control over pests before populations take route,” Daly told ZDNet. “You need to act before a brand’s location is in the news and going viral because a rat fell out of the ceiling.”

Good to know.

Featured image of “pizza rat”: Matt Little/YouTube 


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