Retro Walkman Headphones Are Back Only This Time Without Wires


With so much nostalgia taking over tech, it was practically inevitable. JLab is bringing orange foamy headphone covers back in style with a wireless version of the classic Walkman gear called the Rewind Retro Wireless headphones. 

Hipsters and Gen Xers alike were so excited to cop a pair of retro headphones, the initial stock has already sold out, with more shipping in late April.

Not to split hairs, but the folks over at JLab obviously never rocked an original Walkman with the promotional references to “grunge” which was definitely more of a Discman sound. When it comes to tunes meant to plan on the original Walkman, think ’80s New Wave, Madonna and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Those were the days.

The headphones offer up to 12 hours of listening time and all the current technology controls.

“The same lightweight design and orange foam earpads, you’ll feel more nostalgic than ever. Old-school look, with today’s technology,” according to the company.

Take a look at this video to see the retro headphones in action.







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