Plug In: iPhone Wireless Charging Is Bad For Your Battery Life

Another day, another Apple hardware issue discovered. It seems that those wireless charging pads have a downside. When you dock your phone on the wireless charging pad, rather than using it exclusively when you need a charge, is bad for the battery.

Over at ZDNet, they ran a little experiment to prove whether wireless charging shortened their iPhone battery life. Turns out, it does.

Apple batteries, according to Cupertino, should charge up to 80 percent capacity for 500 charge cycles. Once it’s past that point, the battery is heading toward dunzo. So the name of the game is limiting the number of charge cycles to preserve the battery.

When the phone is connected to the cable, the cable is powering the phone, helping the charge to top off more quickly. When you have the phone on the wireless charging pad, the phone is powering itself while the charger constantly tops off the capacity, putting more wear on the battery.

So if you’re worried about preserving the life of your iPhone battery, plug it in. The wireless charging plate is wearing that sucker out fast.


Featured image: Apple



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