7 Times People Got Savaged on Twitter for Using Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless, with its no-contract, low-priced, prepaid plans, has apparently become synonymous on social media with being broke. And while that seems like a pretty harsh read on folks who want a good wireless deal, there have been some fairly hilarious Twitter owns of folks caught out with Cricket.

Here’s just a few of the instances of perfectly nice people getting dragged for using Cricket Wireless.

  1. There’s the Cricket Wireless user who turned down $800 for a foot video and got dragged by Twitter for acting like she doesn’t need the cash.

2. There are those who just throw shade at Cricket without any prompting whatsoever.

3. Meadow wanted Twitter to help her convince her boyfriend to take her to prom but the recognizable Cricket Wireless screen was what grabbed the attention.

4. But every once in a while a Cricket loyalist will pop up in the mentions with an earnest clap back.


5. It’s hard out there for Cricket nation. No respect.


6. Because if the service is good and $40 unlimited, there’s no shame in saving a buck.

7. Even if you gotta put up with getting hassled on social media.

So rude.


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