Maybe Smart Diapers Aren’t Such A Dumb Idea

While we never shy away from poking fun at some of the industry’s kookier ideas (looking at you, talking toilet) at this year’s Mobile World Congress our eagle-eyed correspondent spotted this little breakthrough, the smart diaper. While our first reaction was skepticism, after getting a bit more information about the Opro9 Smart Diaper, it’s pretty clear this gadget solves some actual real-world problems. Color us here for it.

The Opro9 works by connecting a sensor on the outside of your baby’s diaper to your smartphone. The app tells you when it’s time for a change, eliminating guesswork, diaper waste, and awful diaper rash and other issues that come from sitting in a dirty diaper too long.

There are four alerts that tell you: the diaper is dry, the baby has started to pee, time for a change and a reminder if that baby’s dirty diaper isn’t changed.

The app also tracks long-term data, recording the dates and times your baby dirties his or her diaper and when diapers are replaced.

As an added bonus, because the app is Bluetooth connected, if the baby moves out of range the app provides an instant alert.

The app can handle sensors on up to five babies at one time. Each sensor retails on Amazon for $50.

Besides the obvious diaper rash prevention benefits of a smart diaper, there’s huge environmental and economic benefit to preventing diaper waste. Diaper scarcity, or what’s referred to as the #DiaperGap is a huge concern in many low-income families, leading many babies to go without all of the changes they need to stay healthy. If the Opro9 is a way to reduce waste, everyone wins.

MWC smart diaper

The app can also help working parents track how often caregivers are changing diapers, while caregivers can offer smart diapers as a way to ensure they’re doing the best job they can meeting the needs of the babies in their care.

And when it comes time to tackle toilet training, you’re already armed with all the data you need to get it done in as little time as possible.

Even the reviews on Amazon for the smart diaper are great, saying it offers peace of mind and real savings on diapers.

See? Maybe smart diapers are the genius breakthrough tired parents everywhere never know they needed.


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