Bananas, Qwerty Keys & More: We’re Ready To Move Beyond The iPhone Box

It was 2004 and in my pocket buzzed and chimed my beloved pink flip phone with the first ringtone I ever purchased after market, “Milkshake” by Kelis. It was a simpler time, yes, and a time when the cell phone was a whole lot more fun.

If you’re like me and miss all those retro handset styles, this year’s Mobile World Congress ushered in the happy news that we’re beyond chasing the next iteration of Steve Job’s first iPhone and ready for something different.

First, was the announcement that Nokia is bringing back the so-called “Banana Phone,” the 8110 made famous by its appearance in the “Matrix.” While it’s not a smartphone, it will come with the throwback game, “Snake.” The added benefit of its lack of connectivity? Battery life for days.

But the banana phone isn’t the only nostalgia handset making ripples in the market. The Blackberry KEYone is trying to bring back a bit of the early 2000s allegiance to the brand with the release of the Android handset with a physical keyboard.

The move by Blackberry could be in response to one of its most famous devotees, Kim Kardashian, who very publicly mourned the death of her Bold 9900 last year.

No need to turn to eBay, Blackberry has you covered, girl.

So the real question is, when is the flip phone revival coming, because I would love to rock a pink Motorola Razor with “Milkshake” again. I’ll even let you play Snake.


Featured image: Nokia


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