Steven Seagal Is Repping His Own Brand Of Cryptocurrency, So You Know It’s Legit

If you thought cryptocurrency might not be totally legit, trusted financial adviser Steven Seagal is here to put those fears to rest.

Bitcoin billionaires aside, the world of cryptocurrency is still in its murky, sketchy infancy. But cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and others are quickly becoming the preferred method of doing business for shady-types around the world, including Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin, who along with his oligarch homies, desperately needs a way to move billions around the world despite crippling sanctions. Enter Putin crony Steven Seagal.


Seagal has been a vocal proponent of Putin and his politics and was even granted Russian citizenship in 2016 by the Russian President personally.

Since, Seagal has spent his time in Russia calling for the impeachment of former President Obama, praising Putin and shilling for Russian arms dealers, according to Vice News.

But now Seagal has a new gig, as the pitchman for a new form of cryptocurrency to compete with Bitcoin, named Bitcoiin2Gen.

The announcement Seagal has taken on the gig hysterically calls the actor a “Zen teacher and healer.”


This, of course, is the same Seagal credibly accused by multiple women of sexual assault and harassment. So why wouldn’t you trust him with your money?

The press release from Bitcoiin2Gen describes Seagal as a “…man of diverse character whose spiritual beliefs are woven into every aspect of his life.”

I’ll just leave that there.


Featured image: Bitcoiin2Gen



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