Your Phone Really Does Make You Happier

Sure, sure… depression, envy and social anxieties are often associated with the explosion in the amount of time we spend with our noses permanently positioned inches away from any number of devices. But a new study from GSMA says the opposite is true.

Here’s how they did it: GSMA took the data from the 2016 Gallup World Poll and measured the rise in mobile industry in a given area with how people who live there measure their own well being. The data shows people feel happier when they have mobile connectivity.

“Mobile phone ownership supplemented with internet access is associated with an improvement in peoples’ lives, as evidenced by increases in both average life evaluations and net positive emotions,” the report says. People with access to the internet reported the highest levels of well being.

GSMA table

The Gallup Poll finds 82 percent of the world’s adult population had a mobile phone in 2016.

Mobile communication and connectivity seems to be key to improving the lives of people around the world.

From maintaining social relationships, access to information and education to trade, banking and commerce opportunities being expanded to a worldwide scale, mobile phones and the networks that connect them are making a big impact.

Featured image: Pixabay 


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