Here’s The Best Mobile Video Streaming Network, According to Science

Here are the four most annoying things about mobile video streaming: slow loading, poor quality, freezing and reliability. Global Wireless Solutions just released a study showing that one network is indeed better than the rest.

In three of four category benchmarks, it was AT&T that performed best, according to GWS. Verizon came in second and T-Mobile was third.

Here’s what Paul Carter, CEO of Global Wireless said about the results:

“Our comprehensive video testing has revealed gaps between those operators that are meeting customer expectations vs. those that are struggling. Considering that mobile networks are underpinning a revolution in how consumers watch TV and video, this gap should be watched closely.”

The network nod comes at a a time when AT&T is launching a new ad campaign to help the brand pivot from legacy phone carrier to entertainment provider in the minds of consumers, with wireless, voice, data and satellite TV.

This week, AT&T premiered a new splashy ad campaign with the slogan “More of your thing.” Take a look.


AT&T is trying to unify its marketing around the many services it now offers, particularly marrying the wireless network and satellite TV services in the minds of consumers.

“It’s a pivot where we’re putting consumers first in what we do,” Marc Burns, AT&T’s vice president of advertising and social media, says. “What we do is somewhat intangible, and this is us showing how we enable the things you love.”

And it works too.

Featured image: AT&T/YouTube


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