Apple HomePod Early Reviews Are Brutal

Taste makers have Apple’s new HomePod for a few days now ahead of Friday’s big release into the wild. And once again it looks like Apple might have a big, fat, overpriced dud on their hands.

There are HomePod reviews galore out there, but here’s what you need to know: at $349 it’s too expensive. It’s Apple, so you can’t connect to any other music service like Pandora or Spotify. Siri is janky. But the speaker sounds good though.

Brian Chen of the New York Times says the HomePod is “tough to recommend,” pointing out Siri just doesn’t work as well as Alexa or Google.

Here’s one HomePod user on Twitter explaining what’s wrong with Apple’s latest gear.

He also points out he’s unable to control the HomePod from his iPhone. Really? Which means it also can’t make a phone call. Really Siri?

Here’s the kicker.


On the heels of a pretty significant implosion of iPhone sales, and iOS problems, Apple really needed a win. It looks like it’s created a high-quality speaker with killer sound that lacks the brains of other comparable, much cheaper, “smart” counterparts.

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