Car Security Cameras Are Here To Catch You Flipping Off Other Drivers In Traffic, You’ve Been Warned

Security cameras have become ubiquitous front porch accessories, catching everything from pranksters to package thieves. Now Owl wants to do the same for your dash, boosting both safety and the likelihood there will be recorded footage of you giving the middle finger salute on your morning commute.

The Owl boasts its “the first security camera for your car,” particularly because it’s always on, whether the car is on or off or you’re in the driver’s seat or thousands of miles away. The video streams directly to your phone.

The camera has limitless uses from catching the creep who dinged your car in the employee lot to recording interactions during police traffic stops. But safe money says the best byproduct of car security cameras are going to be the countless viral videos captured for years to come.

The current price for an Owl cam with one year of LTE service is $349.


Featured image: Owl Cameras/YouTube 


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