Apple Decides To Focus iOS 12 Upgrade On Fixing Bugs Over New Features

Somewhere along the line, Apple forgot why people first fell in love with their stuff in the first place: because it works. It used to anyway. But that was then and now Apple is going to have to convince customers it can trust its latest products,  starting with iOS 12 update. Apple has decided to drop the bells and whistles in favor of making the thing work.

Smart, reliable, Old Faithful devices were what made the iPhone’s price tag worth it. But bugs and glitches have plagued Apple’s iOS, leaving to keep what works rather than roll the dice on Apple’s latest roll out.

Battery problems and glitches galore have been the byproduct of recent iOS upgrades, leaving customers with an array of issues from missing data to slow speeds. Which is why, according to Axios, Apple has decided to delay its overhaul of the home screen, connected car interface, and apps for photos and sharing in the upcoming iOS 12 update, instead focusing on making the thing run better.

The other upgrades will be pushed to 2019, it was announced at a January meeting by Apple software chief Craig Federighi.

Besides criticism over its iOS software, Apple is grappling with lagging sales on its latest iPhone X.





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