Is The iPhone Over? Cupertino Might Have Burned Apple Loyalists One Too Many Times

They waited in ridiculous lines and bored the rest of us with tedious demonstrations of their latest iPhone’s greatness. They cared about the distinction between a 6 and a 6s. They are the proud Apple maniacs who were willing to put their time and hard earned dollars behind their devotion to the almighty iPhone. But they’ve been burned one too many times by Cupertino. And now they’re looking elsewhere for their techno fix and pocket cache.

There’s actual data to back up what most of us already knew: The iPhone X is so insultingly expensive and underwhelming people are losing their interest in iPhones altogether. Based on surveys and sales trends, customers are turning away from iPhone, the original must-have smartphone, and toward the competition.

Cowen Research released the results from its latest quarterly customer survey, which reveals customers from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint and found just 80.5 percent of iPhone owners say they’re interested in upgrading to another iPhone when it’s time, according to

Here’s a handy graph from Fierce Wireless to illustrate how bad it is for the iPhone.

Why? A combination of things. First, there was the underwhelming iPhone 8 reveal. Customers, according to Cowen, weren’t impressed with lackluster new features. But second is the $1,000 price tag for the iPhone X. It’s ridiculous and customers are loyal to brands and all, but that’s just too much to be plausible for everyday Americans.

Now that people are starting to feel the impact of device cost, since it’s been decoupled from monthly pricing plans by many carriers, consumers are gonna need to see something for all that money. And that means more than slowing down phones on the down low because of a design flaw.

Bad news for Apple, good news for Samsung, Google and the rest of the competition.


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