Underground Wi-Fi For NYC Subway Riders Turns 1 And There’s No Going Back

Stuck underground with thousands of tired, fed up other New Yorkers sounds like a miserable way to commute. But at least passengers of the NYC subway system have reliable Wi-Fi to help them weather the storm. Transit Wireless is marking its first year providing Wi-Fi service to NYC subway riders and spoiler: it’s a hit.

It all goes down on the subway. Remember that time Lebron and the rest of the Caveliers just hopped on the train?

How about the ginormous rat that became one of the many famous riders?

Yeah, New Yorkers barely noticed any of that. Because now they have reliable underground Wi-Fi. Transit Wireless is celebrating its first birthday by releasing a few fun facts about usage. Verdict? Ba da ba da da… they’re lovin’ it.

According to Transit Wireless riders gobble up more than 500 terabytes of data every month, or, as the company points out, “the equivalent of 5.4 billion cat memes.”

So what are commuters up to with their newfound internets connectivity? Streaming video and cruising Facebook. Unsurprisingly, the Times Square station saw the most logins.

Transit Wireless serves AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon customers across 281 underground stations and 22 subway lines.

“The adoption of the network among subway riders has been incredible,” Transit Wireless CEO William A. Bayne Jr. said in a statement. “It’s being put to the test every day by customers streaming videos or music, downloading a book or podcast; the demand is strong, and the network is fulfilling a great need.”

Featured image: Pixabay


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