Analog Makes A Comeback, And Not Just In An Annoying, Ironic, Hipster Way

With all the oxygen in the room sucked up by Alexa and Google and their dueling banjos of voice-controlled home management, there’s another trend you might missed at this year’s CES: analog. It’s back baby and better than ever.

Just because you can digitize everything, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. And tech manufacturers are realizing there’s room in the consumer landscape for both the highest of tech and throwback analog.

Shake it like a Polaroid


For instance Polaroid is back in a big way with its old school instant photos you have to shake. Eighties babies will get the nostalgic thrill of instant photos with the benefit of 2018 hardware.

$10K turntables

technics turntables

The turntables preferred by DJs worldwide just got a hot makeover. In honor of its 100th birthday, Panasonic will launch it’s “most premium turntables ever,” the SP-10R. It’s not just a looker, the unit will retail for $10,000 once it hits showroom floors.


Smartwatches that actually tell you ZeTime


Just because your watch is smart doesn’t mean it should abandon all elements of classic style. And sometimes you just want to know what time it is. But now you can have your sweat and calorie output data points and a decent looking timepiece too. MyKronoz is just one brand combining the touch screen technology of a smartwatch with actual, physical hands to keep the time, even when the screen is off.

It seems even digital die-hards have come to appreciate there are certain jobs that tech alone can’t accomplish. And let’s face it, a little nostalgia never hurt anyone either.





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