Toyota Is Way Over Cars, Intros e-Pallette Mobile Stores That Are Weird and Exciting

Aki Toyoda took the stage at an early CES press conference to announce something his grandfather, the founder of Toyota Motor Corporation never could have imagined. Toyota wasn’t thinking about itself as a car company anymore. The reliable car maker was now going to focus on “mobility.”

From scooters to electric vehicles to its latest and boldest release, the e-Pallette, Toyoda described a future where business is fully mobile, autonomous and wicked smart.

One of the early partners with Toyota’s e-Pallette is Pizza Hut, which already has  visions of mobile stores.

Of course there were the pretty right-on comparisons to this “Black Mirror” future.

But spooky dystopian future fever dream aside, the idea of a mobile, autonomous store or ride sharing platform (read: driver-less bus) would definitely have important applications. Think about mobile medical and dental clinics or having the ability to create communities on the fly (think: Burning Man) these e-Palletes could have some benefits in the near future.

The mobile platforms are set to debut at the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo, Japan.


Featured image: Toyota Motor Corp. 



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