No Parking, Big Problems: New Tech Tells Your Car Where To Find A Spot

In the United States alone, drivers waste 17 hours and nearly $73 BILLION every year on parking, according to a recent study. New York City drivers not surprisingly are getting hit the worst, losing 107 hours every year looking for a place to park.

It’s no surprise tech innovators at CES 2018 are acutely aware of the opportunities for tech solutions to the parking crisis, and they aimed to deliver.

Bosch Parking Solutions

Turns out Bosch is working on more than dishwashers. Quickly emerging as a leader in smart city design, Bosch has a range of solutions aimed at helping people get parked more quickly and easily. Park Assist gets the car into the tightest, toughest spots. Community-Based Parking tools help identify available spots in real time as you drive by. Home zone park assist automatically and autonomously moves your vehicle in and out of a garage or parking garage at home. And Automated Valet lets you hop out of the car at the entrance to a building and leaves the actual parking to the car, all on its own.



Mercedes is also including Parkopedia services in S-Class and E-Class models, it was announced at CES. The application has information, including availability and pricing, to help drivers find the closest spot for the best price.

Other car manufacturers, including Toyota and Lexus also provide the service in select models.


Featured image: Bosch


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